Geoffrey Nelson Statues

This work came out of the fiery furnace that is  Burning Man. Started as a project with a friend it soon evolved into an obsession of acrylic, LED's, paint, blow torches and a determination to create a  new type of sculpture that embodied a 21st Century representation of our lost goddesses.

From the farthest reaches of history there have been powerful women archetypes that have faded with our patriarchal culture. Some may be heroic or some may be tragic but they all embody  feminine power.

Here is my interpertation of a few of them.

Fire and Ice

50 Shades of Gold

Winged victory of Santa Cruz


Namaste Gangsta

Madame Pele


La Sirena


Swept Away 2

Ohlone Man

Ohlone Woman


Louise XIV

Joan The Maid of Orleans



Lady Liberty X

Iron Lady

Descending Angel